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I am a lifelong wrestling fan and I grew up on WWF(E). I go all the way back to Wrestlmania II so I have put in my time but that’s not what this is about.  I know that nowadays it is commonplace to bash the WWE. People complain and complain and complain but feed the machine and keep watching anyway. I got to the point long ago with that company that I just pick and choose. There is so much wrestling out there as I try to keep up with Impact, New Japan, Shine, ROH, and on and on. I boycotted WWE for about 18 months after Shinsuke Nakamura lost to Jinder Mahal at Summerslam. When Asuka lost to Charlotte Flair…again I said I was taking a break after Wrestlemania 35 but then something unexpected happened. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce won the women’s tag titles.  These two winning made up for Asuka losing and I decided to postpone my somewhat annual boycott because I wanted to see what they (writers) would do with the IIconics.

I have always oddly been a fan of the modern era mean girls gimmick.  I loved the Beautiful People in Impact, I enjoy the Cutie Pie Club in SHINE, and I’ve enjoyed the IIconics (more so in NXT than main roster). Back in Impact Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, and Madison Rayne nailed this gimmick. I loved Mi Pi Sexy. They were comical at times, but they were also vindictive, conniving, and vicious. When I look at the IIconics they can be this good. All these writers need to do is just look at old episodes of Impact for the love of God. They’ve made them just annoying and whiny with no real edge. I was hoping that putting the belts on them would make them be more vicious, and vindictive like The Beautiful people were years ago.  They have something to lose now so they should do everything in their power to hold onto those belts but they aren’t written that way. They have each been pinned in their last two matches. How in the hell are you supposed to take a champion seriously when they are losing one week after winning the belts? I don’t care what kind of match it is.  Then again in WWE wins and losses don’t matter unless of course you’re Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, or Charlotte Flair. I would say I hope that things turn around for Peyton and Billie but in WWE hope is a lie. Hell, they’ll probably lose the titles within the next two months.  At least Angelina and Velvet are back together in ROH being two thirds of Allure so I will look to relive some glory days. Take notes this time WWE and maybe just maybe you’ll have something truly….IICONIC on your hands.

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Bumblebee 2019


First and foremost, as someone who grew up on G1 one thing that I must say is that whether it’s the Bayverse or this Travis Knight version I will still never get fully used to Bumblebee being a legitimate threat as a warrior. It’s so difficult to remove that image of him getting a wheel blown off in the first 5 minutes of More Than Meets The Eye Part 1. Despite his movieverse, IDW, Transformers Prime, and Robots in Disguise iterations I just cannot stop thinking of him as borderline useless.

The first 5 minutes of this movie was worth the price of admission and worth the purchase of the blu ray. For the first time in a live action Transformers movie I was able to sit down and watch a sequence without an infestation of flesh creatures and it was great.  I was more satisfied with those five minutes than 5 previous Bayverse movies combined.  Everyone looking like their G1 selves? Battles where you can make out who is who and it’s not just a CGI metallic mess? Thank Primus. The nostalgia, the homages show that Travis Knight cares unlike that son of a glitch Michael Bay.

Those first 5 minutes put me in the mindset to give this film a chance and for what it was it didn’t disappoint. The human involvement and interaction were significantly less annoying than the other movies. Mercifully, the Charlie character had depth to her which was refreshing.  Still I could have done without all the attempts at humor, but it was far from bad comedy like with Sam.  For one off characters Dropkick and Shatter were fun.  They were deceptive, treacherous, and ruthless; all qualities a Decepticon should have.

With that said, this movie was far from perfect, but that’s ok.  Should the scout have been able to beat Shatter and Dropkick by himself? Not in my opinion. Could there have been one more Autobot to help out Bumblebee? I thought so (perhaps a throwaway character like Hubcap?) Were there plot holes? Yes, but to be fair as much as I love the G1 cartoon I would usually be left with numerous unanswered questions, but I didn’t care. Because we’ve been fed cosmic rust for 5 films I was refreshed with Bumblebee and for the most part didn’t care too much here.  I was able to shut my brain off a bit and just enjoy what I was watching unlike Bayverse films causing me to question what I’m watching at damn near every turn.  I obviously have no clue where this franchise is going to go but I will say I’m not opposed to a mixing and matching of continuities as long as it makes sense.  Speaking of; here’s my wishlist of things: 1) Ultra Magnus, 2) an IDW inspired Prowl, 3) plant seeds of faction(s)!, 4) make Decepticons harder to kill, and 5) to hell with Drift and give us Bludgeon.

My final thought here would be that whether you’re an OG fan like myself or you somehow liked the Bayverse I think this movie can be liked by both fan contingents.  Travis, my hat is off to you. We’ve achieved something.


A Different Kind of Endgame

Cersei-Lannister-the end

Game of Thrones final season is this Sunday and April is truly the month of the end game. In talking with a group of people about the concept of learned helplessness (psychology stuff) using Theon Greyjoy as an example I somewhat went off the rails and said how Cersei Lannister will win the game of thrones and it begins Sunday (disclaimer: I am a Lena Headey fan so it is possible there may be some bias ahead).

What’s that you say? Cersei is evil? Cersei is merciless and conniving? Cersei is shifty and plays shadow games? Well I ask you what character on this show doesn’t? It’s called the game of thrones! If I can be a behaviorist for a moment Cersei is truly a product of her environment and when you really sit back and look at it so is Daenerys blah blah, first of her blah blah, mother of blah blah. Tyrion is the same and so is that mouth breather Jon Snow, but I digress. I know it’s not a popular opinion to cheer for Cersei but dammit if there is one thing you can say about her is you know what you are getting. She has never once lied during this show. You knew who she was and what she was about from day one. Does she have an ego problem? Sure. Hey who doesn’t to some degree? All she wanted was the best for her family and now that is gone. All this has done is make her even more cunning than before and that is why she will win the day, overcome the winter and sit atop the throne. I have heard all the main theories about who will kill Cersei but I will tell you this that walk of shame only helped her. While others like Jon who even in coming back from death still knows nothing and Daenerys and Tyrion maintain their hubris Cersei has evolved again whether you want to accept it or not.  All Cersei has left is this throne.  You know what else? You can’t kill something that’s already dead and she’s been dead inside for a long time. Winter is coming? No, no, and no. Cersei is coming. Also, Daenerys is a terrible mother.

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Pet Semetary (2019)


Pet Semetary 2019

I had a choice this weekend as there is way too much going on between baseball, Final Four games, and Wrestlemania weekend. There was also Shazam and finally the Pet Semetary remake.  As much as I love comics, wrestling and what is the end all be all of my geekery the Transformers before anything else I would say I am a horror fan. When you put your hand up to a tv as 3-year-old because you love Poltergeist it then goes without saying horror is sentimentally at least number one. This made my choice easy. When the trailer dropped for this, I was hopeful this would be good. I was hopeful there would be enough modernizing and enough variation from the original yet consistency with the overall story that it would be enjoyable. I thought that with the IT remake being so damn good that could do something similar. This movie simply wasn’t necessary. This movie left me with no awe, no rejuvenation, and no desire to place it above the 1989 film.  The modifications and tweaks just didn’t add anything to the story.  I will say that I appreciate some of the homages like the tease of Gauge (Ellie) being under the bed ready to pounce on Jud. That was nice, but that’s about it for me.  I know I am supposed to suspend belief but how on this green earth can anyone get obliterated by a tanker and have their entire body in tact? That will never stop being ridiculous. This is barely average. There are only a handful of remakes I can think of right now that were more useless than this, like Psycho (1998) and Nightmare on Elm Street (2010). Why? Just why was this made?


Cathartic Geekery

Catharsis. Geekery. Cathartic Geekery. I’m just putting a blog out here  with my opinions and thoughts on geek related things because hey why not? Everyone else does. To make a long story less long I like sci-fi, I like horror, I like comics, I like professional wrasslin’, I like video games (whenever I can play them) and on and on. It will vary from post to post as I could talk about a movie, show, comic, piece of news, or pondering on things from the past. I’m just going to see where this goes. This will be a pound-cake approach for now meaning no fluff, no frills. So with that said from here on out I’m going to spew forth my thoughts, my opinions and…maybe feelings? So much can be build up inside so let the catharsis begin.

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I’m not going to be the fan boy that sits and points out all the things “wrong” or inaccurate with this movie because why at this point? Marvel, DC, and other comic properties/stories are going to take liberties and alter things from the source material for one reason or another, which is fine when it makes sense and/or enhances the story. The modifications that were made in this movie did not leave me thinking that happened. The running gag with Fury’s eye? Came off as ridiculous. The name Goose rather than the actual name of Chewie was ridiculous because Disney doesn’t want to confuse fans? Sure ok. The representation of Mar-Vell overall was just poorly executed same as the Skrulls.  The first portion of the movie felt so jumbled, which I can understand to a degree. Perhaps you could rationalize the beginning being an attempt to visually represent some of what was going on in her mind and more specifically her subconscious bubbling to the surface. Still, I was able to enjoy the movie and her powers were spot on.  After letting this movie marinate in my mentals week I still had the same thought after the viewing. Captain Marvel, was just a means to an end for..well Endgame.  This movie just felt like it was dumped into our lap so we could know who Carol is as opposed to her being some rando from a galaxy far away to take down the mad titan. Brie Larson, wasn’t bad as it seemed like people wanted her to be. I think that she and more specifically the character will be even better when she’ll have to play off more colorful characters in Endgame. I just need her to interact with Rocket 3 or 4 times among other things. Again, nothing spectacular, not a top ten Marvel movie for me, but I recognize the utility in the film. We’ll see her again in a few weeks so we will finally assemble.